Some Very Rude Rainbow Weddings! Custom Rude Rainbow Wedding Fans!

Here at Rude Rainbow there's one product that we find so rewarding that we jump at the chance every time we get the request! We've done custom party fans for some of the biggest brands on the planet such as Tik Tok, Shopback and Microsoft! We've also done 1000's of custom fans for big queer organisations such as Sydney Mardi Gras and corporate events, retail brands, etc, etc. But we never foresaw just how popular our custom party fans would be with weddings and in particular big fat fabulous gay/lesbian/queer weddings!! 

From the beautiful wedding of Carlos and Mark at Mrs Macquaie Chair, Sydney. To our favourite girlies Tara and Kelly with their incredible cross-cultural wedding in the botanical gardens in Sydney, Australia. And let's not forget the absolutely 10's-across-the-board nuptials of Jim and Jordan in Brunswick, Melbourne! Every time we get asked to produce custom party fans for these incredible weddings we can't help but beam with delight! It's an absolute privilege to even be considered for such a special occasion and the photos speak for themselves! We couldn't have been happier to have helped make these couples big days just that little bit more colourful and wonderful! Thank you Carlos, Mark, Tara, Kelly, Jim and Jordan for the huge honour!


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