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As Summer ended and the memories of another fabulous Sydney Mardi Gras were still fresh, our world turned upside down.

The everyday things we took for granted began to close one by one until our homes became our gyms, restaurants, nightclubs and everything in between.

As much as we all wanted to believe party fans and speedos were essential items,  it was time to put some new products to the test which we felt were slightly more essential! 

Therefore we created Masks, and the very essential ‘Rude Boy Puzzle Collection’. The collection is here to ensure we all make it through this long winter of isolation with the company of a much-needed man or two.

Chances are most of us have exhausted the Netflix library like we have, so we decided it was time to get some much needed male company back into our lives. These guys will definitely be sure to keep you and the flatmates entertained during isolation cocktails on a Saturday night.

We have 10 puzzles on offer, all in a size of 500 pieces to ensure that you don’t get too overwhelmed by the sheer size of the… puzzle. Enjoy!

See the full range of puzzles here, and masks here
Puzzle Models
Manel @manuelkornisiuk
Pablo @pablohenryb
Kieran @kierankartun
Rui @ruijorgejournal
Karl @karlhenriksen
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