Welcome to Rude Rainbow. Our names are Mitch & Kieran. And this is our little brand. We hope you enjoy. 

Read more about us and the brand below. 
mitch and kieran the rude rainbow boys
The idea for the brand developed quite organically out of our own wants and needs.
Every time we were planning for Mardi Gras, a big party or just looking forward to a holiday overseas we’d shop around looking for fun party wear and cool accessories. After finding very few brands locally we’d eventually end up having to order stuff in from abroad with prints and quality that was almost always very underwhelming.


Working within the architectural design and fashion/sales/tech industries, we’ve used our skills in design and retail to imagine a great Australian based brand that emphasises quality materials and considered design but doesn’t shy away from being a little ‘extra’ and is sure to turn heads. 

rude rainbow beach photo
The name Rude Rainbow was conceived to be all-encompassing. Everyone is unique, and we love to celebrate that. As two gay boys living out in the suburbs of Sydney with a big backyard and four cats, we proudly proclaim ourselves suburban cat lesbians which is a title we wear with pride. 


rude rainbow cat creative process
We hope you love our brand as much as we do and always remember to be yourself, have fun and wear it with pride!


mitch and kieran rude rainbow founders
rude rainbow design process